Magnetic Content




If You’re Looking For Engaging, Highly Persuasive Content or Copy – You’re in the Right Place.

Do you want outstanding content that shows your prospects the incredible value they’ll get with your service?

Yes. Yes, you do.

High-quality content is what drives the market.

Great content is THE key factor in getting your posts viewed, pubs read, and prospects converted.

Let’s explore some of your desires in this process.



If you are reading this page, there are 12 things you undoubtedly want right now:


1. You want your voice and brand expressed at its best.


2. You want to stay within budget.


3. You want to hire someone who can meet your deadlines.


4. You want a writer/editor who responds to your emails in a timely manner.


5. You want your audience adequately researched, and you want their needs and questions top priority.


6. You want an organized, logical plan for your content that matches your strategy.


7. You may want more clarity about your brand and what kind of content you really need. No more guessing games.


8. You want your feedback highly valued and considered, and you want revisions if necessary.


9. If you need a copy editor, you probably want the ability to see any changes made to your document…


10. …and you want a fresh, clean and compelling version of your copy that you can feel confident about publishing.


11. You want winsome, engaging connection with your audience.


12. At the end of the day, like never before, you want to feel gleefully satisfied and proud to showcase your products and services.






I have some very good news for you.

What if you could easily have ALL of these?!


These – your desires – are the very aim of my work.


My goal is to make your life easier.

(At least in the area of writing… I cannot make your kids behave or cure your IBS. But I can do content!)

Ready to explore the possibility of having a creative and dependable wordsmith behind your business?

It’s easy-peasy.

Just send me a note about any job or project you’re stewing over, and I’ll reply shortly.

If we’re a good fit, we’ll get the ball rolling for some magnetic content that accurately reflects you and your valuable business.